Churches Together in South London

unity and diversity


Churches Together in South London concentrates its work in local networks and its Ecumenical Officer is primarily involved in meeting people locally. Invite us!

CTSL organises:

- two network gatherings per year to which representatives of all churches together groups, local ecumenical partnerships and other ecumenical organisations are invited.  Recent meetings have focused on racial justice, serious youth violence, climate justice and the role of all churches in the lead up to the COP meetings, the collective response to the refugee crisis, and the Christian communities' work following the EU Referendum. In 2020, we moved our Big Gatherings onto Zoom in consideration of Covid-19 and we now plan some meetings in person and some on Zoom.

- two meetings per year bringing together church ecumenical officers in an Enabling Group. If you would like to represent your church tradition in South London at these meetings, please email us.

- a reflection and lunch for South London church leaders during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in January. For more information about this week each January, and to download resources, visit CTBI here

- a triennial Forum. The next CTSL Forum will take place in 2024. The 2018 Forum took place at Livability and resourced joined up working amongst churches in South London around vital issues including serious youth violence and food poverty. The 2015 Forum asked the question: Ecumenism - where are we at and where are we going?  You can read a report of that meeting  here.